What is Christ4Afghans?

Thousands of Afghans have come to Europe – fleeing their home country, leaving everything behind. They are looking for new hope and direction in their lives. As Christians in Europe, we want to share the good news with them. Christ4Afghans is a live evangelistic broadcast event for Afghans in their own language. Afghan believers will share the good news of Jesus through talks, interviews, and song.

The program was be broadcasted from 19:30 to 21:00 (CET) every evening from the 22nd – 24th of  Sept.2017

Churches or persons who couldn’t join the live-event, can plan an individual event at any time. The 3 live-evenings were recorded and can be wartched at the live-stream-site here until the year ends . The audiostreams in englisch and german language are available for download  here

The speakers:
Shoaib Ebadi will be the main host (or anchor-man) for the three programs.He is an experienced TV presenter, having worked in Christian television for about 7 years.
See the website: http://razezindagi.com/ He, along with his wife, has produced about 300 programs.

The co-hosts are Khalil and Nazira. They have been believers for about 25 years, having worked in Christian radio for 15+ years. They  also started a TV ministry recently  See http://pnoor.com/

The TV programs will be produced by Pamir Productions (see https://hope4afghans.com).


How to get involved?

  • Pray for Christ4Afghans. To receive regular prayer requests via email – register here.
  • Network with individuals and churches who are involved in serving asylum seekers. Here is a great way to reach Afghans in your neighborhood.
  • See how you could livestream the program in your home or church. Find a good location depending on the number of people you invite. Small groups in homes often work best for a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Order the information leaflet online, and then start inviting Afghans.
  • Organize an evening of fellowship around a good meal, conversations and prayer. You can find more information below under “Follow-up Information”.

Why even participate?

  • Afghans are coming to churches in Germany.
  • Afghans will hear and understand the good news in their own language.
  • You will have a part in what God is doing among the Afghans that He has sent here.

register now and get involved